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Toontrack Lead Vocals EZmix Pack

    Toontrack Lead Vocals EZmix Pack (Serial Download)

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      Principais características

      Toontrack Lead Vocals EZmix Pack (Serial Download)

      Regardless of genre, vocal style or preference, the single most identifiable ingredient in a mix is the lead vocals. It carries the tune, the melody and the words. Its the undisputed, universal component that anyone can name and relate to. Sadly enough, its likely one of the hardest things to get right. A great vocal sound often involves a long chain of effects, compression, EQ and not to mention, the know-how and touch of an experienced engineer. This pack was designed by Toontrack co-founder and head of Sound Design, Mattias Eklund, and is best described as a virtual pantry chock-full of the sweetest of any and all things related to making lead vocals sound great and sit well in any mix. 

      No matter if you are looking to mix growling death metal vocals, intimate ballads, edgy modern styles, hard rock or ambient pop, this pack has one-click settings tailor-made for any genre, mix situation or whim you might find yourself in. 

      Get your vocals right - its EZ!

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