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Toontrack EZX Funkmasters

    Toontrack EZX Funkmasters (Serial Download)

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      Principais características

      Funkmasters EZX - Pacote de Expansão (Serial Donwload)


      The Funkmasters EZX was recorded in Nashvilles renowned Sound Kitchen Studios and captures the legacy of two of the most innovative, inspiring and influential instrumentalists of our time. Meet the principal drummers in James Browns band: Clyde Stubblefield and John Jabo Starks. 

      Fans and critics cite the collective era of these two drummers, who often played in tandem, as the pinnacle of funk music. Samples and looped audio of their original beats would go on to become the foundation of hip hop, their grooves gave birth to countless genres and the use of their breaks inspired innovation within the techniques of DJ-ing. 

      This product doesnt only unveil the audio legacy of these two remarkable artists, it captures their touch, feel and timing in a MIDI library with signature grooves, played by the masters themselves.

      - Sampled by two of the most influential drummers ever: Clyde Stubblefield and John Jabo Starks 
      - Two separate kits available in separate interfaces 
      - A plate reverb as well as a vinyl effect, adding a subtle vintage vinyl player hizz, available in the mixer 
      - Extensive MIDI library included

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